Win of the day: Weather Channel pummels interns with 'tornado'
The Twitter-driven wind storm is meant to promote Tornado Week

Tornado Week kicked off today for the Weather Channel — both on screen and in the network's office. 

The channel has announced a Twitter campaign to promote its upcoming mega-block of tornado-centric programming. Weather Channel interns will be buffeted by a "Twitter-powered tornado" throughout the day, which can be seen on a live feed streaming to the web. The more tweets referencing the campaign's #TornadoWeek hashtag, the harder the artificial wind blows. Should the campaign notch one million mentions, the winds will hit EF-5 levels. On the Enhanced Fujita Scale, EF-5 is the fiercest type of tornado, with winds topping 200 miles per hour.

By midafternoon, the campaign had racked up thousands of tweets — many of them, perhaps unsurprisingly, snarky — as curious Twitter users sought to make things more interesting for themselves, and for those wind-battered interns.

You can watch the live stream above. If you get bored, you know what to do.

Jon Terbush is an associate editor at covering politics, sports, and other things he finds interesting. He has previously written for Talking Points Memo, Raw Story, and Business Insider.


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