A little girl with a big heart
A 9-year-old Californian raises more than $100,000 to fight child slavery — and more in our collection of feel-good tales to warm your heart
Vivienne Harr has already raised more than $100,000. Facebook/Make A Stand Lemon-Aid

Vivienne Harr is not your typical 9-year-old. The California native has spent the last year raising more than $100,000 selling lemonade in an effort to fight child slavery. Vivienne was inspired to start her business when she saw journalist Lisa Kristine's book Slavery, a collection of photographs of slaves around the world. "It's a giveness, not a business," the little altruist is fond of saying of her lemonade operation.

Sharon Weissburg
Sharon Weissburg was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island and is studying Italian literature and American history at Boston University. Follow her @thekidette.


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