Irish pizza workers' porn strike, Egypt's big pig problem

GOOD DAY FOR: Solidarity, after the union at a pizza-making plant in Ireland is backing a strike over the firing of three employees for watching porn at work. The union claims the three workers were fired over another incident where the company mistakenly sent a worker confidential files. (Belfast Telegraph)

BAD DAY FOR: Central planning, after Egypt’s decision to slaughter all its pigs in May, in a misguided attempt to ward off swine flu, has had at least one unfortunate side effect in Cairo: stinking piles of trash. For more than 50 years, organic waste was collected by a community of Christian Egyptians called the zabaleen, who would feed the garbage to their pigs. The swine cull and an order to keep schools closed until October came from the president’s office, over the advice of the health department and other government ministries. (The New York Times)

Friday: Good day for a geek bidding war, Bad day for feeling the good news
Thursday: Good day for Christmas merchandisers, Bad day for biting the hand that fed you



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