Playboy model Monica Hansen vs. plastic surgeon Lenny Hochstein
What happens when a former Miss Norway takes her plastic surgeon to court

A court battle between a plasic surgeon and his ex-beauty queen former patient just got juicier, said Lesley Abravanel in The Miami Herald. Former Miss Norway Monica Hansen—also a former Playboy model and Maxim Woman of the Year—sued her Miami plastic surgeon, Lenny Hochstein, for using her picture on his website without permission, and she won a $564,555 default judgment in July. But Hochstein now says he has obtained an e-mail from Hansen to Hollywood madam Michelle Braun, in which Hansen admits she told Hochstein he could use the pictures.

Lenny Hochstein is known as the "boob god" in Miami, said Dan Mangan in the New York Post, and he says he had a deal with Monica Hansen "in which she got discounted surgeries in exchange for allowing her images to be used." Hochstein—who briefly dated Hansen and has been on the Bravo docudrama Miami Slice—says he removed Hansen's photos from his website as soon as Hansen asked him to, and next week Hochstein's lawyers will ask a California judge to set aside the judgment Hansen won.

"What strikes me as humorous about Monica Hansen’s lawsuit," said blogger Phineas J. in, is that she's a pinup model who clearly is not shy about showing off her figure. "I’ve looked at photos of Monica Hansen and let me tell you, her doctor’s an artist. And what artist doesn’t ultimately want to show off his work?"



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