Plastic surgery: God's gift to Heidi Montag?
"The Hills" reality TV star — and fervent Christian — says God endorsed her plastic surgery marathon

"The Hills" TV star, Heidi Montag, 23, made headlines last week by claiming that she underwent 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day. Her latest assertion — that God blessed her by making quality plastic surgery so readily available — has commentators abuzz. (See video of her "Access Hollywood" interview below.) "Weird, I guess that page from the book of Genesis got ripped out of the Bible," Wonderwall's Melissa Hunter quipped. But Zap2it's Elizabeth Snead saw the sunny side of Montag's interview: "You've got to hand it to the girl. There's no end to Heidi's innate powers of rationalization." Watch as Montag calls her day on the operating table — a "near-death" experience — as much of a "spiritual transformation" as it was a "physical transformation."



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