'Twist of Kate': Another Gosselin ego-trip?
TLC says Kate Gosselin will take on the problems of "everyday women" in her new reality series. But will it really just be about Kate?

Reality star and flailing "Dancing With the Stars" contestant Kate Gosselin has a new series in the works with TLC. In Twist of Kate, scheduled to debut this summer, Gosselin will try to help — and learn from — "everyday women" as they struggle to overcome challenges in their lives. Critics have sounded a skeptical note though: "I have my doubts that there are a lot of other women who can learn from Kate," says gossip blog The Blemish. Not only that, says Lisa de Moraes in The Washington Post, but "our money's on Kate finding a way" to make the show about her — and not at all about "everyday women." Watch an AP news report about "Twist of Kate," below:



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