The fiery fate of 'Touchdown Jesus'
In a notably unpopular act of God, a bolt of lightning struck down a beloved statue of Jesus Christ in Monroe, Ohio. Watch the video
A screenshot of the burning Jesus statue.
A screenshot of the burning Jesus statue.

Residents of Monroe, Ohio would be forgiven for giving way to apocalyptic fears this week after the town's famous "King of Kings" statue of Jesus Christ was destroyed by a freak bolt of lightning. One of the outstretched arms of the 62-foot fibreglass sculpture was struck on Monday evening, sparking a fire that burned it to the ground and caused $400,000 of damage to the adjoining church. Officials at the Solid Rock Church have already declared that the distinctive sculpture — known locally as "Touchdown Jesus" — will rise again. I'm tempted to "assign some 'higher' meaning" to this, says Mark Herringshaw at Beliefnet. Even though I know it's a random act of nature, "something in me grapples for more." Perhaps it proves that God "has a great sense of humor," says David Taffet at the Dallas Voice. Apparently He was serious when He said "no graven images." Watch the inferno, captured on video by a local witness:



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