Tony Hayward's 'embarrassing' day off
BP's CEO took a day off to watch a yacht race sponsored by a Wall Street bank. Did he mess up again?
Tony Hayward testifies in front of the House.
Tony Hayward testifies in front of the House.

For a day, at least, BP chief executive Tony Hayward got his life back. Hayward, whom BP recently relieved of his oil spill management duties, spent Saturday in the United Kingdom, watching his 52-foot sailing yacht "Bob" compete in a JPMorganChase-sponsered event off England's southern coast. While the outing drew condemnation from both the White House and members of Congress, a BP spokesperson defended Hayward's attendance, noting it was his first day off in two months. Did Hayward step in it again? This must be "the world's dumbest CEO," says Kelly McParland in the National Post. "If there is a case study in how not to act in a crisis, this guy is it." Hayward isn't entirely to blame, says Jonathan Fenby in the Guardian. For the sake of appearances alone, his employer ought to have made certain that its "Chief Embarrasment Officer" spent "a dutiful weekend at his desk" — even if he closed the office door and watched World Cup games. Watch video of Hayward aboard "Bob" below:





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