The 'Avatar' porn 'parody': 3D's next frontier?
Critics question whether Hustler's upcoming "Avatar"-themed 3D adult film will satisfy anyone
A screenshot from the Avatar XXX porn film.
A screenshot from the Avatar XXX porn film.

Adult publisher Hustler has finished production of a 3D pornographic film inspired by James Cameron's blockbuster hit, Avatar. The spoof, This Ain't Avatar XXX, will reportedly be Hustler's "highest-budget flick ever produced." While Cameron's Avatar holds the worldwide box office record, some critics wonder whether Hustler's blue-tinged erotica — due out in September on DVD and Blu-ray — will find an audience. Can a 3D Avatar porn parody sell?

How bad can it get? I find it difficult to believe that anyone would "want to watch" this film, says Peter Sciretta in SlashFilm. It also "seems like a stretch" that Hustler could make "a film like this without getting sued by Fox." And to top it off, "the Na’vi don’t have sex the same way that humans traditionally have intercourse." Could Hustler have gotten it more wrong?
"LOL: Hustler to release Avatar 3D porn"

Believe me, this film will sell: Don't forget, says Samuel Axon in Mashable, Avatar is the "most successful movie of all-time." And given that "some viewers" have actually become depressed because they don't live in the "science fantasy" land of Pandora, "it only makes sense" that they "would want to watch a porn film" based on their favorite movie. It's a safe bet, however, "that most of the people who watch this one will be doing it for laughs."
"Watch 'Avatar' porn in 3D, courtesy of Hustler"

This is inevitable: This isn't actually the first 3D porn movie, says Logan Westbrook in The Escapist. Japan has already braved that particular frontier. But this is a "further indication that the adult entertainment industry is throwing its lot in with 3D TV." And for that small segment of the audience with the televisions to take advantage of it, "I imagine that it will be a fairly unique experience."
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