A message from the 'bin Laden hunter'
Gary Faulkner's mission to find Osama bin Laden may have failed, but he tells CNN he's not daunted by people "talking smack" about him
Gary Brooks Faulkner.
Gary Brooks Faulkner.

Gary Faulkner, the "bin Laden hunter," is back from Pakistan, and he has something to say to people "out there talking smack" about his quixotic mission. "You could say I'm a religious freak, you could say I'm a Rambo or a samurai or whatever — but you know what? I'm a person who said, 'I'm going to get off my ass and do something,'" he told CNN. Pakistani authorities sent Faulkner home after they found him in the woods of a border region where al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden may be hiding. Faulkner was carrying a pistol, a sword, and night-vision goggles, and he says he got so close to bin Laden he could have shot him, "if I had a rifle." At least Faulkner's CNN interview confirms one thing, says Joshua Holland at AlterNet. The man is a "whack job." I thought Faulkner had to be "certifiably crazy," too, when I first heard about his mission, says Glenn Church at Foolocracy. Now I suspect he's "sane," although he's one "volatile and unique character." Watch Faulkner's interview shortly after he landed in Los Angeles:





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