A poledancing Sarah Palin? Taiwan's CGI pranksters strike again
Taiwan's NMA News — notorious for its fanciful CGI "dramatizations" of Tiger Woods' scandal and Apple's woes — goes after Sarah Palin
A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

Taiwan's NMA News hardly qualifies as the "mainstream media" that Sarah Palin so frequently protests, it's fair to say the former VP candidate might disdain NMA's colorful portrayal of her post-2008-election life and rumored 2012 prospects. NMA's computer animators, fresh from taking down Apple's Steve Jobs, have created a mocking video that dramatizes Palin's race to the White House as a series of increasingly outlandish scenarios. At one point, she's shown skydiving from John McCain's campaign helicopter to a braying crowd of "Tea Bagger" activists, before stripping off to mud-wrestle with — and defeat — a topless President Obama. This "bizarre" video may be "the most accurate NMA News brief yet," jokes Frances Martel at Mediaite. "Well, except for the stripping and mud-wrestling." It's certainly unfair to Palin, says Allahpundit at Hot Air, but, as a parody of the American media's skewed treatment of her, it's dead-on. Watch the video here:





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