Sarah Palin's 'Queen of the Tea Party' video
The Alaskan conservative's PAC has released another inspirational campaign-style video. Does it position her as the de facto leader of the Tea Party?
Sarah Palin's new ad positions her front and center of the Tea Party buzz.
Sarah Palin's new ad positions her front and center of the Tea Party buzz.

The video: Sarah Palin's political action committee has released a new campaign-style video reminiscent of her July "Mama Grizzlies" video (which some pundits interpreted as the opening salvo in a presidential run). The new spot, a paean to the Tea Party — driven by a heart-pounding, suspenseful soundtrack — intercuts footage of flag-waving Tea Partiers with shots of Palin meeting, greeting, and orating. Her voice-over declares the grassroots movement "the future of politics" and underlines how "proud" she is to be associated with it.
The reaction
: This is an "out-and-out campaign ad" for the Tea Party designed to ride the buzz resulting from "O'Donnell's big upset" in Delaware, says AllahPundit at Hot Air. It's also, says Greg Sargent at The Washington Post, a "pretty transparent effort [on Palin's part] to position herself as the movement's national standard bearer." That's a risky move for a presumptive presidential candidate, says Nicole Allan at The Atlantic. No one knows what the significance of the Tea Party will be in 2012, and running as the movement's candidate might "alienate establishment donors and endorsers." Watch the video here:





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