Race of the day: Dan Quayle's son for Congress?
The former veep's son, Ben, takes on a Democratic small businessman for the open seat in Arizona's 3rd district, covering Phoenix's northern suburbs
Name & Party: Name Here


Jon Hulburd

Name Here


Ben Quayle

Basic Info:

Lawyer, small businessman

Age: 50

Lawyer, son of Dan Quayle

Age: 33

  • Supports health-care reform with tweaks
  • Wants to extend Bush tax cuts
  • Supports Arizona immigration law
  • Wants to repeal health-care reform
  • Wants to extend Bush tax cuts
  • Supports Arizona immigration law
Polling At: 46% 44%
Campaign Chest: $412,000
Key Quote: "No American should be denied a job in favor of an underpaid, illegal immigrant." "Barack Obama is the worst president in history."
Petty Controversy: In 1999, was sued by a country-club employee for spreading rumor about a lesbian relationship
Wrote off-color satire for a website called Dirty Scottsdale, allegedly under the name of a fictional porn star
Wild card: The latest poll showing heavily favored Quayle trailing Hulburd was sponsored by the liberal Daily Kos blog
Dueling Ads: "Compass": Hulburd takes Quayle to task for having a "broken" moral compass
"Obama": Quayle's high-profile ad argues that he's capable of taking on Washington

Jon Hulburd's "Compass":


Ben Quayle's "Obama":



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