Race of the day: Can Gov. Deval Patrick keep his job?
In left-leaning Massachusetts, Gov. Deval Patrick is trying to eke out a win over Republican rival Charlie Baker
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Deval Patrick

Name Here


Charlie Baker

Basic Info: One-term incumbent

Age: 54

Former health-care CEO

Age: 53

  • Helped implement state's health-reform law
  • Favors building three in-state casinos
  • Anti death penalty
  • Wants to eliminate some health-reform mandates
  • Favors building one in-state casino
  • Pro death penalty
Polling At: 45% 39%
Campaign Chest: $1.7 million
$1.3 million
Key Quote: "We can talk about slogans and gimmicks but they don't actually solve problems." "You've proposed a tax increase every year you've been governor."
Petty Controversy: Hired neighbor to $120,000-a-year post in the midst of state budget crisis

Poached running mate of third-party candidate to work for his campaign
Wild card: Although Massachusetts is traditionally Democratic, it elected four straight Republican governors before Patrick.
Dueling Ads: "Forward": Patrick says he balanced the budget, protected health care, and kept Mass.'s schools #1 in the nation — but that Baker would have different priorities
"What Happened": This Baker spot argues that Patrick's four years in office have been a string of scandals, blunders, and broken promises

Deval Patrick's "Forward":


Charlie Baker's "What Happened":




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