The great Tumblr blackout: 3 theories
The popular blogging site has been down for almost 24 hours. What's behind the ongoing outage?
Tumblr users take to Twitter to vent frustrations over the service outage.
Tumblr users take to Twitter to vent frustrations over the service outage.
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Tumblr, the popular "microblogging" service beloved by the technorati, has suffered a major service outage. No Tumblr site has been online since Sunday evening, an unusually lengthy outage for a major website, causing many of its fans to swamp Twitter and Facebook with despairing comments. The blogging service — which allows users to easily post and share photos, pictures, and links — works more like a social network than a traditional blog set-up. Tumblr's staff blamed the problem on a "major issue in one of its database clusters." What's going on? 

Tumblr has been hacked: Some suspect this may be the work of hackers, says George Spangler at World News Headlines. "There were indications that several users of a forum site were engineering this attack," planning to overload Tumblr's network with "traffic it cannot use," a hack known as a DDoS, or "distributed denial of service." Some users of Tumblr were even "planning to preempt [the effort] with their own attack."
"Tumblr down, some speculate due to DDoS"

Tumblr's tech team is inept: This is "not good news," says Adam Mills at The Next Web, especially when you consider Tumblr is one of "the top 50 biggest websites in the United States." A site with that sort of prestige should be able to fix a blackout in under half a day. "Three words come to mind after all of this: Get it together."
"Tumblr goes down"

The site has grown too quickly: "Technical difficulties are part of the game," says Robin Wauters at TechCrunch, "but I don't think even Twitter has ever been down for more than 12 hours." The rapidly expanding Tumblr recently raised a "ton of money" in preparation to "staff its brand new New York offices" — something they "desperately" need to get done if this unprecedented blackout is anything to go by.
"Victim of its own success: Tumblr redefines the concept of 'back shortly'"



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