The cheapest houses in America
'The Fiscal Times' says you'd be surprised what your money can buy
The $7 Detroit home is a real looker.

Today's dilemma: a sandwich or a house? They both cost about $7, so it’s a tough call. Yes, a house. For $7. As the country continues to dig itself out of the wreckage of the housing crisis, you’d be surprised at what you can find trolling through the sludge of distressed real estate listings on the Internet. Some 3.4 million homes have been lost to foreclosure since the recession began, and banks are hoping to unload their backlog of neglected homes onto buyers. Sure, the $7 house is boarded up and abandoned, but for the same price as a tube of toothpaste, what do you expect? If $7 still seems too pricey, there’s an apartment in Indianapolis with a starting bid of $1. Or for real moneybags, how about a 3-bedroom in Detroit for $100?

Ready to jump into the housing market on the cheap? Here's a selection of America's best bargain homes available, produced by The Fiscal Times. Warning, your new place may need a little bit of elbow grease and love.



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