Sikh temple shooting suspect ID'd as white supremacist
The Sikh Temple shooting in Oak Creek, Wisconsin
The Sikh Temple shooting in Oak Creek, Wisconsin
AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps

The suspected gunman who went on a deadly shooting rampage in a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis., has been identified as Wade Michael Page, a former U.S. army enlistee, who was discharged after six years. Page was also reportedly a member of a white supremacist band. Federal officials swarmed a duplex in nearby Cudahy on Sunday, evacuating the area and searched what sources said was the assailant's home. Neighbors tell CBS News that the man in the duplex had only been there about two weeks. "We heard here and there that they've been doing a lot of arguing, between him and another female, but I haven't seen him," says Alma Rayes.



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