Disputed call causes near-riot at MLB playoffs

In the first one-game wild-card playoff in Major League Baseball's long history, a disputed call caused a 19-minute delay in an ugly display in which fans in Atlanta covered the field in debris. The Atlanta Braves, who finished the season with an impressive 94-68 record, trailed the visiting St. Louis Cardinals in the eighth inning when the Braves' Andrelton Simmons blooped a pop fly into shallow left field. "The ball dropped harmlessly in the grass. The crowd roared, thinking the Atlanta Braves had loaded the bases with one out." But an umpire instead signaled that Simmons was out, citing (perhaps incorrectly) the infield fly rule. Fans went nuts, and the Cardinals went on to win 6-3. The Braves are now out of the playoffs, and the Cardinals will go on to play a best-of-five series against the Washington Nationals. In the league's other one-game playoff, the Baltimore Orioles beat the Texas Rangers.



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