BATTLE FOR THE SENATE: Dems: 47, GOP: 43, Still in play: 10

Here are the latest results in the battle for the Senate, according to the Associated Press. The Democrats have 47 seats (that includes independents Bernie Sanders and Angus King, who are expected to caucus with the Democrats), and the GOP has 43. There are 10 seats still in play. In the 112th Congress, Democrats held 51 Senate seats to the GOP's 47, with independent Sens. Bernie Sanders and Joe Lieberman routinely caucusing with the Left. Stay tuned for the latest, as we'll continually update this post throughout the night.


Some notable results so far:


* Former Maine Gov. Angus King (I) easily won the race to replace retiring GOP Sen. Olympia Snowe — a key pickup for Democrats


* Democrat Chris Murphy defeated Republican Linda McMahon, the former wrestling executive, making this her second failed Senate bid


* Democrat and progressive champion Elizabeth Warren defeated incumbent Scott Brown in Massachussetts in one of the most high-profile races of 2012


* Democrat Joe Donnelly defeated Republican Richard Mourdock in Indiana. Mourdock's loss could perhaps be attributed to recent comments he made about rape being something "God intended to happen."


* Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill defeated Todd Akin in Missouri. Akin's loss could perhaps be attributed to his infamy after he claimed that women can't get pregnant from "legitimate rape."



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