WATCH: 6 adorable baby animals standing up for the first time
A tiny giraffe, a newborn fawn, a wee little elephant, and more
You can do it!
You can do it!

Baby animal alert! At the LEO Zoological Conservation Center in Connecticut last week, a rare newborn Rothschild giraffe stood up for the first time, and zookeepers were lucky enough to catch the first few wobbly steps on camera. Check it out, along with a few other awww-inducing clips of baby animals learning to stand.

1. A baby giraffe
With some gentle coaxing from her mother, the young giraffe is able to prop herself up on all fours (barely) at around the 1:09 mark. 
Grade: C+. She lost a few points for needing Mom's help.

2. A newborn fawn
Small wonder this video has more than 1 million views on YouTube. The fawn's a little shaky at first, but manages to maintain its balance and follow Mama around on some pretty ragged-looking terrain. Excellent work, newborn fawn. 
Grade: A+. Extra credit for the danger-factor.

3. A baby elephant
He does a pretty good job for a little big guy.
Grade: C. After all, he does step on his own trunk a lot...

4. A baby foal 
The action really starts just before the 30 second mark, right before our little cutie pie splays out into some funny yoga poses.
Grade: D. In the end, he never quite gets there. Sorry, pal.

5. A baby zebra
Can zebras tiptoe? Because that's what it looks like this young creature's doing.
Grade: B+. Very impressive! But also kind of unnerving.

6. A newborn goat
The video's creators describe it as "epic sweet." That's kind of overselling it — there isn't even any yelling like humans. LOL at the 1:10 mark, though. And check out Mama Goat's disappointment.
Grade: B. Pretty solid results considering the floor looks slippery.

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