Vine for Android is here
It even comes with zoom!

Good news for Android users who prefer their visual stimuli in six-second video loops: Vine is finally coming! Just like the iOS version, Vine for Android allows users to employ Twitter's revolutionary new tool to shoot and share short videos more akin to a GIF than anything else. (See an example below.) According to a Twitter blog post, Vine for Android will come with a zoom feature, which doesn't currently exist on the iPhone. The Android build won't, however, include support for a front-facing camera, and more perplexingly, doesn't have capabilities for search, mentions, or hashtags. Twitter assures users those features are coming soon. Check it out here.

Chris Gayomali is the science and technology editor for Sometimes he writes about other stuff. His work has also appeared in TIME, Men's JournalEsquire, and The Atlantic.


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