WATCH: Ashton Kutcher's unconvincing Steve Jobs impression in the Jobs trailer
Has the Two and a Half Men star managed to capture the legendary Apple co-founder? Not if this glimpse at the upcoming biopic is any indication

"It only takes one person to start a revolution," says the first full-length trailer for Jobs, an upcoming biopic of the legendary Apple co-founder. Perhaps that's true, but that proclamation raises a question people have been asking since the project was first announced: Is Ashton Kutcher really the right actor to play that person?

Kutcher is most recognizable now as the man who replaced Charlie Sheen on the long-running, inexplicably popular sitcom Two and a Half Men, but he has taken occasional stabs at breaking out of his dumb-guy typecasting with roles in dramatic films like The Butterfly Effect, Bobby, and The Guardian. Jobs, which tackles the legacy of Apple's most legendary figure less than two years after his death, is a whole different level of challenge — and unfortunately, this trailer feels less like seeing Jobs in the flesh again and more like Kutcher playing dress-up.

Kutcher's performance aside, the Jobs trailer manages to touch on much of Steve Jobs' life story, from Apple's early days as a garage start-up to the launch of the iPod. Unfortunately, the trailer also includes almost every overused biopic cliche. (Watch for yourself and see how many you can spot!)

Will both Kutcher and Jobs prove more convincing in feature-length form, or should we all shift our hopes to Aaron Sorkin's competing Steve Jobs biopic, which is still in development? We'll find out when Jobs hits theaters on Aug. 16.

Scott Meslow is the entertainment editor and film and television critic for He has written about film and television at publications including The AtlanticPOLITICO Magazine, and Vulture.


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