WATCH: The magically loony Taiwanese CGI take on Wendy Davis' filibuster
The Texas Democrat's actual filibuster included no ghosts, dinosaurs, or superhero costumes. Taiwan's NMAtv fixes that

Tuesday's filibuster by Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis (D) was pretty dramatic: Davis stood and talked about the GOP-proposed abortion bill for 11 hours with no food, water, bathroom breaks, or thematic digressions, until Republicans forced an end to her filibuster on questionable procedural grounds, only to see Democrats and gallery spectators run down the clock on the legislative session anyway.

But it was evidently not dramatic enough for the imaginative, prolific computer-graphics animators at Taiwan's studios. In their madcap, oddly informative CGI version of Tuesday's events (watch above), Davis is Superwoman, Republicans are bullying abortion-clinic destroyers with military helicopters and control of a fire-breathing Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the ghost of former Texas Gov. Ann Richards (D) was in the Senate chamber cheering Davis on.

Somehow, the Taiwanese animators even slip in some political analysis about how the GOP's "scaring the crap out of women" will accelerate the demographic changes already threatening to turn Texas blue. "Is Ann Richards smiling in heaven?" the animators ask at the end. That's a pretty impressive grasp of regional U.S. politics for a merry band of Taiwan animators.

As it turns out, Tuesday night's victory by Davis and her Democratic colleagues will likely be short-lived. Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) has called a second special session to take back up the abortion legislation and other bills left on the table. The eyes of Texas, and at least one office in Taipei, will be watching. (Hat-tip to Jezebel.)

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