WATCH: Red Sox score six runs in the ninth to walk away with a win
On a wild night, the Mariners blow a huge lead

The Boston Red Sox's improbable season continued last night when the team stormed back from a five-run deficit in the bottom of the ninth to walk away with a win against the Mariners.

Down 7-2 at home, Boston burned three different Seattle pitchers for a combined six runs on six hits and three walks. In the final at-bat, outfielder Daniel Nava launched a single to deep center field with the bases loaded, scoring Dustin Pedroia and putting the Red Sox 22 games over .500 on the season.

"In a word, magical," Boston manager John Farrell said of the comeback.

How unlikely was the win? A team leading 7-2 heading into the bottom of the ninth inning wins 99 percent of the time, according to Fangraphs' Dave Cameron.

Here's the win probability chart for the game for a visual representation of the game's shifting odds. (Source: FanGraphs)

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