WATCH: The fantastical new Thor: The Dark World trailer
The Marvel superhero's second solo outing looks like The Avengers meets Game of Thrones

It's been just over a year since Thor graced movie screens as a supporting player in The Avengers, and now, the release of the superhero's second solo outing, Thor: The Dark World, draws closer and closer. This just-released extended trailer (watch above) gives us our best glimpse of the film yet.

Though the first Thor movie depicted the superhero as a fish out of water on Earth, Thor: The Dark World takes the opposite approach as Thor returns to his home world of Asgard to combat a new threat alongside his fantastical brothers and sisters. If you're getting a Game of Thrones vibe from this trailer, it's for good reason — the Thor sequel was helmed by Alan Taylor, who has directed a half-dozen episodes of the HBO fantasy series.

But the new Thor: The Dark World trailer also takes great pains to link this potentially outre superhero outing to The Avengers. Tom Hiddleston's fan-favorite villain Loki, who served as The Avengers' primary villain, features more prominently in this trailer than Thor himself, and Natalie Portman's Jane Foster even punches him "for New York," a reference to the climax of The Avengers. It's a savvy attempt to draw in viewers who might otherwise be turned off by the film's fantasy-heavy aesthetic — but will it work? We'll find out when Thor: The Dark World hits theaters in November.

Scott Meslow is the entertainment editor and film and television critic for He has written about film and television at publications including The AtlanticPOLITICO Magazine, and Vulture.


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