WATCH: College Humor explains every tech commercial ever
"I'm looking for a commercial set to an indie rock song — one that uses a lot of accordion"

Confession time: I love tech commercials!

I love how Apple's ad team could teach an advanced college course in the Art of Sap. I love how Microsoft still hilariously tried to ride the Glee train four whole years after the show premiered. And I love that tech commercials are all so derivative that you could plot the basic formula out on a whiteboard — which is basically what College Humor does here in its latest short sketch, "Every Tech Commercial Ever."

It's great. I found myself asking, "Yeah! Why is every tech commercial set to a middling indie rock soundtrack?" Now my subconscious is forever associating Vampire Weekend with HP Photosmart Printers which, let's be real, isn't really a good thing for either of them.

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