WATCH: These are the tricks you can do on a Citi Bike
Think the heavy, clunky blue bikes parked in stations around New York City couldn't cut it at the X-Games? Think again.

Anyone who's taken a spin on Citi Bike — the New York City bike-sharing program that launched earlier this year — knows that the bikes aren't exactly ready for the X-Games. The distinctive blue bikes are designed, above all else, to be functional — which means they're heavy, clunky, and best-suited for a lazy ride down a flat street.

But what could a truly talented cyclist do with them? Animal New York reached out to Tyrone King — a BMX pro, and the owner of Dah Shop in Chinatown — and asked him to to try some of his top tricks on a Citi Bike. After checking out a bike from the South 3rd Street and Bedford Avenue station in Williamsburg, King tried out a few bounces and a wheelie before pulling off some of his more impressive tricks on the cycle.

Would Citi Bike approve of King's stunt-riding? While they would probably recommend that King (like all riders) wear a helmet, there's nothing in the website's frequently asked questions that explicitly bars stunt-riding. "The bike remains your responsibility until it has been properly locked at a dock, or handed over to a Citi Bike representative," warns the website — but until then, wheelie around New York to your heart's content.

Scott Meslow is the entertainment editor and film and television critic for He has written about film and television at publications including The AtlanticPOLITICO Magazine, and Vulture.


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