Watch Zach Galifianakis spar with Justin Bieber on Between Two Ferns
In the latest episode of his satirical video series, Galifianakis quizzes the teen pop star about Anne Frank and peeing into buckets

Zach Galifianakis' long-running Between Two Ferns series follows the host as he irritates and berates a wide range of A-List celebrity guests. The series offers a funny, scathing (and scripted) indictment of the countless blandly promotional interviews celebrities perform in support of their latest projects — and his latest target, Justin Bieber, proves a surprisingly game foil for Galifiankis' barbs.

After helpfully labeling the singer "Justin Beevers," Galifianakis opens with a reference to Bieber's "public meltdown" and follows it up with questions about some of Bieber's most notorious recent antics, including his wish that "Anne Frank would have been a Belieber" and a leaked video of Bieber peeing in a bucket. (No reference, unfortunately, to the monkey he abandoned in Germany.) Over the course of the video, Galifianakis goes after Bieber's youth, arrogance, and hairstyle (though Bieber fires back with a shot at Galifiankis' weight). By the video's end, the passive-aggressive convict actually becomes aggressive, but never fear, Beliebers — Bieber ends up with the last laugh.

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