Watch the new Walking Dead web series that prefaces the TV show
While Rick Grimes was still in a coma, Karina and Paul were navigating the horrors of the zombie apocalypse
Did you miss them?
Did you miss them? (Gene Page/AMC)

AMC's hit drama The Walking Dead doesn't premiere until October 13 — but the network has an early Halloween treat for anyone who wants to kick off October with a few zombies. AMC's new three-part web series, The Walking Dead: The Oath, introduces Karina and Paul, a duo who struggle to survive in the zombie apocalypse before The Walking Dead's protagonist Rick Grimes wakes up from his coma in the pilot.

Honestly, the story isn't the most scintillating, and it's obvious that the budget for the web series is considerably lower than the series proper. But The Walking Dead: The Oath does provide some extra information that should intrigue hardcore fans of the series — including some new details about the events that led to the destruction of the hospital in which Rick finally awakes, and the first appearance of one of the most memorable images from The Walking Dead's pilot. It's far from perfect, but The Walking Dead: The Oath should make a serviceable appetizer for anyone who can't wait for the full feast of the fourth season's premiere.

The Walking Dead: The Oath, Part 1:

The Walking Dead: The Oath, Part 2:

The Walking Dead: The Oath, Part 3:

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