Everyone on Facebook, in one colorful image
Say cheese

Smile! You're probably in this picture:

What we have here is an ambitious digital art project called "The Faces of Facebook," which was conceived by Natalia Rojas, a self-described "creative technologist" from Barcelona, Spain. Yes, what looks like the fuzzy pixels of an old, sputtering TV set is actually a vast mosaic of profile photos cribbed from the public-facing pages of Facebook's 1.2 billion users...and counting.

"I was playing around with Facebook API, and I discovered that there is a way to access everyone's public information with a very simple (but not obvious) algorithm," Rojas tells CNN. "At that time, I thought I could do something beautiful/interesting with that, like showing them all together."

Clicking on a pixel of the mosaic zooms you right in, revealing a colorful quilt celebrating selfies, luchadores, babies, and forlorn dudes holding their guitars — at least once everything renders. Here's an example:

Good luck finding yourself though! (Unless you're Mark Zuckerberg, who sits in the #1 spot in the upper-left.) The stream updates in real-time or something close to it, which seems to reshuffle the deck. I've clicked at least 20 brown squares hoping to find myself, to no avail. Any help? I should be somewhere in the 10-100 million range.

(H/T: PC Mag)

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