The week's best of the internet
The best images, videos, and memes to emerge from the great digital playground — from the guiltiest dog you'll ever see to a baby lion yelping

1. Walter White's real obituary
Bryan Cranston's tighty-whitey-clad meth emperor may not be the first fictional character to land himself a real-life obituary in a local newspaper, but he's certainly the most interesting.

2. A guilty dog
I love this. Great poker face, dude.

3. A well-behaved dog
Why is there a hole next to him? What is he looking at? I've been staring at this for the past 10 minutes trying to make sense of it. (via Imgur)

4. A bunch of dogs fruitlessly trying to run up slides
Like Sisyphus with more tail-wagging. (via HuffPo)

5. A baby lion that sounds like a goat
It's a modern-day chimera.

6. Brave chick snuggles a cat
Have a great weekend, everyone! (via Jezebel)

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