The best critique of centrism you'll ever read is a Twitter conversation
Oh, Twitter.
Oh, Twitter. (Bethany Clarke/Getty Images)

He is a classic creature of the political world: The centrist who finds middle ground on any issue, no matter what the merits of the opposing arguments are. Worse, the centrist often prides himself on being the only adult in the room, his unerring ability to find the precise center of a debate evidence of a maturity beyond the comprehension of callow partisans.

Centrists obviously drive some very smart people nuts, like The New York Times' Paul Krugman. And sometimes compromise really isn't best, as evidenced by a series of tweets trending under the hashtag #CivilWarCentrists. Enjoy.

John Aziz
John Aziz is the former economics and business editor at He is also an associate editor at Previously his work has appeared on Business Insider, Zero Hedge, and Noahpinion.


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