11 crafty gifts for the science buff in your life
Think outside the home chemistry set
How about a messenger bag with the human brain printed on it?
How about a messenger bag with the human brain printed on it? ( Robot)

The science aficionado in your life has undoubtedly received her fair share of science-themed Christmas gifts, from her very first edition of Operation to vintage microscopes. But this holiday season, why not treat your family's biggest Einstein fan to something different? Here, 11 crafty gifts for science buffs:

1. For the cook


Elysium Woodworks' “We’re all chemists in the kitchen!” oak cutting board. Just one of the stylish designs this company offers, which include the Fibonacci sequence and pi. Order quickly; current turnaround is three weeks.

2. For the philosopher


Brass cuff bracelet from Accesoreads, which reads, “How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress.” We see what you did there, Bohr.

3. For the student


Canvas messenger bag with vintage brain silkscreen. These bags are extremely sturdy, and can also be used as a book bag. Many more scientific designs are available at Craftie Robot.

4. For the budding physicist


Baby’s First Nuclear Physics Book, cloth. Containing cheerful, colorful illustrations to teach children the nuclear basics (such as the difference between fusion and fission), this book is not the only baby book available from Verdant Violet. School your newborns in molecular genetics, naval engineering, and neuroscience as well!

5. For the athlete


“Runner” plaque spelled from chemical symbols. It is truly amazing what the letters on the periodic table of elements can spell out. Whatever your loved one’s hobby is, there is probably a bizarre scientific formula that can be created to represent it. Lisbokt is a great place to see what science can spell.

6. For the romantic


“I will love you for infinity” math print. BookishlyUK creates these small declarations of love, written over a page from an antique “maths” book. Similar products highlight quotes from Darwin, Einstein, and Sagan.

7. For the psychoanalytical


Rorschach ink blot dinner plate. Even though we all pretty much see either butterflies or demons, it can still thrill the armchair psychologist in your life to unleash the power of the subconscious on everyone at the holiday table with this plate, by LLTownleyCeramic.

8. For the thirsty


The water cycle water bottle. These eco-friendly water bottles, sold by minifanfan, will remind you of the amazing natural cycle that allows water to find its way into your mouth.

9. For curious kids


The ideaboxkids store sells these attractive, clever boxes. They contain 30 wooden disks, each harboring two science-based questions or ideas (“What dissolves faster, salt or sugar?”) that will spur the curiosity of little minds.

10. For the scientist groupie


Neil deGrasse Tyson plush doll. Scientists are the new rock stars. And if your taste in geniuses goes beyond your average Einstein or Darwin (which are also available), don’t worry. Brave Deity allows you to pick from Ada Lovelace, Leonhard Euler, and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, to name a few. It’s a scientific fact that great minds also make great cuddle buddies.

11. For the old-school inventor


Working-model Roman trebuchet plans. If you’re looking for a more challenging science project than your average potato clock, consider studying ballistics by making your own Roman trebuchet. Trebuchet Store provides instructions on how to build a ballista that is two-feet long and will throw a projectile 90 feet. Trebuchet Store also sells completed trebuchets, for only a few hundred dollars more.

Therese Oneill has written for The Atlantic and The Salem Weekly and is a regular contributor to Mental Floss. She lives in Oregon and blogs at


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