Watch Justin Bieber pretend he's all grown up in the 'All That Matters' video
The Biebs' latest music video sees him getting hot and heavy with a young model

Justin Bieber has been dropping tracks from his new album for weeks now, but Monday brought an extra treat for Beliebers: A steamy music video for "All That Matters," featuring the Canadian pop star getting hot and heavy with a young model.

So what, according to the Biebs, is all that matters? You! "You're all that matters to me, yeah, yeah," croons the singer. "Ain't worried about nobody else. If it ain't you, I ain't myself." Of course, the "you" in this music video is embodied by 19-year-old model Caitlin Russo — but the sentiment is still certain to set Beliebers' hearts aflame.

As it turns out, the track — which was released in October as part of Bieber's "Music Mondays" series — is an ode to monogamy in the digital era. "You think I'm biased to my significant other? You hit it right on the head. Only been missing my lover. Got a whole lot of texts on my phone, and I don't reply." The singer goes on to compare his lover to the gas in a car, and reminds her that there's no "I" in team. Romantic!

The "All That Matters" video is another clear attempt by the 19-year-old Biebs to prove that he's all grown up. Woman in a bra? Check. Biebs without a shirt? Check. Making out on a motorcycle? If it's good enough for Kanye, it's good enough for Justin Bieber.

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