Watch Seth Meyers say goodbye to SNL, with help from friends
Former co-anchor Amy Poehler and Meyers' imaginary husband stop by "Weekend Update" to ease his departure for Late Night

Seth Meyers told his final joke on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. But before he moves on to host Late Night at the end of the month, some ghosts of "Weekend Update" past returned to send him off. Cecliy Strong started out the ceremonious farewell, but the nostalgia kicked up a big notch when former co-anchor Amy Poehler came out along with Bill Hader in his Stefon character (returning the favor, as it were).

Poehler says that Meyers has been the heart of the show for more than a decade, and explains what life is like "out there" after leaving Saturday Night Live. Stefon provides the comic relief, with some pretty racy jokes for network TV. (Also we learn that when Meyers and Stefon got married, Stefon took Seth's last name. So.) It's not clear why Andy Samburg makes an appearance, but it doesn't take anything away from the actually quite touching goodbye. Perhaps the best part (other than Stefon) is Fred Armisen's resurrected David Patterson impersonation — a gift for the fans.

Here's the first part of Weekend Update, including a bit about the (two-inch) snowstorm that shut down Atlanta:

The host of Saturday Night Live was Melissa McCarthy, and the writers put her talents to good use in their send-up of Rep. Michael Grimm's (R-NY) strong-arming of a local news reporter:

Finally, the SNL cast hits maybe a little too close to home with this mock CVS commercial for Valentine's Day. If only the Super Bowl ads had been this entertaining....

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