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Idina Menzel takes another crack at 'Let It Go' on The Tonight Show

Frozen's "Let It Go" won Best Original Song at the Oscars on Sunday night — but most viewers agreed that Idina Menzel, who performed the song live at the ceremony, was off her game. Maybe it was the orchestra, which nearly drowned out her singing; maybe it was the weirdly shortened version of "Let It Go" she was required to sing; maybe it was John Travolta butchering her name right before the performance — but whatever the reason, something just wasn't right.

Fortunately, Jimmy Fallon has swept in for a lower-key chance at redemption. On Monday's episode of The Tonight Show, Fallon and The Roots invited Menzel to perform "Let It Go" with a full orchestra of classroom-friendly instruments, including a triangle, a wooden block, and a rainbow xylophone. It's a much less conventional performance than the one Menzel offered at the Oscars on Sunday, but it's also a lot more fun. --Scott Meslow

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