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Joel McHale and Jim Rash star in a dead-on True Detective parody

True Detective fans have twisted themselves into knots trying to solve the show's many mysteries, but a new parody of the show featuring Community stars Joel McHale and Jim Rash asks a simpler question: What on earth are these characters saying, anyway?

In a clip that originally aired on The Soup, McHale and Rash offer hilarious riffs on the mumbly, dialogue-heavy performances by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in the popular HBO drama. "Coal-farger makes moles into Marys and Marys into moles. My momma said, 'Dog-face to the banana patch,'" says a laconic, mustachioed McHale as he crushes a beer can.

It doesn't exactly get clearer from there — but given the granular nature of True Detective, maybe you'll manage to pull a clue out anyway. --Scott Meslow

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