• Fresh Gear    March 6 
Facebook is finally rolling out a huge redesign to its News Feed

A year after Facebook announced sweeping changes to its News Feed, users' homepages will finally receive a facelift. The first reiteration, which included huge pictures and a revamped navigation bar, was only rolled out to a fraction of its users, but everybody hated it. So, designers at Facebook re-redesigned it to better resemble its simpler mobile app.

Starting soon, users will begin seeing a new News Feed that includes enlarged photos, a streamlined selection of feeds (those "All Friends," "Groups" and other options have been trashed), and new icons and fonts. Basically what you see in the app is what you're going to get on the desktop. But the redesign wasn't all free Philz coffee and trips to the candy shop. If you want to read about internal turmoil juicy enough to warrant a Social Network follow up, check out the full story at Re/code. --Jordan Valinsky

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