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Zac Efron threatens to make another High School Musical
Michael Buckner / Getty Images
Michael Buckner / Getty Images

We all remember the incredible cliffhanger at the end of 2008's High School Musical 3: Senior Year, when it was revealed that Zac Efron's Troy Bolton had been the Yellow King all along. Fans have spent the past six years desperately waiting to see where the story will go next — and in a recent interview, Efron confirmed that a High School Musical reunion might be on the horizon.

"We're all thinking about [doing another High School Musical movie]," said Efron. "I continue to to see all the guys from High School. Every time we do... there's just this look between us." That look, presumably, is the smirk on the faces of a bunch of 20-somethings who can make a ton of easy money by cashing in on the nostalgia of a bunch of rapidly aging tweens. Keep your fingers crossed, HSM fans: We're all in this together!

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