• Late Night Antics    March 11 
Watch Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon photobomb unsuspecting tourists

The next time someone asks if you'd like to have your photo taken, say yes — you just might end up posing next to a celebrity. On last night's episode of The Tonight Show, Fallon unveiled a "Celebrity Photobomb" segment in which he and Mad Men star Jon Hamm gave a bunch of tourists visiting Rockefeller Center a very unique souvenir.

"We asked people if they wanted to get their photo taken. We told them it was for the NBC 'Top of the Rock' website. We were lying," explains Fallon. "What they didn't know is while they were getting their pictures taken — we did give them pictures — me and Jon Hamm were going to sneak out behind them and photobomb all their photos." See how successful they were below. --Scott Meslow

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