• This just in    March 13 
Massive Manhattan building explosion leaves 7 dead, 75 injured as search continues
Flickr CC By: Adnan Islam
Flickr CC By: Adnan Islam

The death toll to yesterday's massive explosion in East Harlem grew to seven overnight as emergency officials continue to sift through the rubble of two buildings that were leveled by a natural gas explosion. More than 75 people are injured and at least four are still missing, according to an FDNY spokesman.

At least 100 people are staying in a nearby American Red Cross shelter. Area hospitals reported that a woman and a teen came in critically hurt, with the 15-year-old suffering from burns and several broken bones. The woman, who was pulled from the debris, is being treated for neck and back injuries.

Officials from Columbia University said the powerful blast registered at .5 on the Richter scale. People as far away as 50 blocks felt the ground shake.

- - Jordan Valinsky
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