• Ouch    March 14 
Charles Barkley dozes off, misspells 'disingenuous,' and loses $1,000 to Shaq

We've all been tempted to fall asleep on the job at one time or another, and no doubt plenty of us have actually powered down for a quick, covert nap.

But most of us aren't on television. Know who is? Charles Barkley.

Thursday's games clearly weren't stimulating enough for the Inside the NBA broadcaster.

The rest of the gang gave him plenty of grief afterward, anointing Barkley's snooze "Chuckolepsy" and challenging the clearly sleep-deprived Barkley to spell "disingenuous" for $1,000.

"D-I-S-G-E-N-O-U-S," Barkley tried.

In all fairness, that's not the easiest word in the world, but still, let's hope they don't play H-O-R-S-E during commercial breaks.

Watch the whole exchange over at

And a note to Jay Pharoah and Kenan Thompson at Saturday Night Live: Looks like you've got this weekend's skit ready to go. --Sarah Eberspacher

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