• Bummer    March 16 
Prince and Zooey Deschanel recorded a pop song, and it's as bad as you'd probably expect

When she's not busy being quirky, New Girl star and noted bangs enthusiast Zooey Deschanel records twee, often ukulele-backed indie songs. And when he's not busy being mysterious and posting "selfies" of himself as a cloud of smoke, Prince records funky, often eccentric, pop and rock songs. Put the two together and you get a bland dance tune that sounds as if it belongs not on an acclaimed genre-bending album, but rather on an unthreatening basic cable TV show — which is precisely where a new duet between the two originated.

Audio of a full-length, synth-heavy song from Prince and Deschanel, called "FALLINLOVE2NITE," is now online, and it's hard to see the song as much more than a hastily-recorded coda to Prince's appearance last month on New Girl. In addition to offering life advice and talking about pancakes during his post-Super Bowl cameo on the show, Prince also performed a snippet of the song, which you can hear in full below. -- Jon Terbush

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