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The stenographer who had a meltdown on the House floor last year claims that God made her do it

Taking the "I didn't do it" excuse to a new level, the former House stenographer who shouted bizarre, Biblical gibberish during a vote last October is blaming God for her outburst.

In a 38-minute video, the stenographer, Dianne Reidy, and her husband Dan explain that Reidy did not have a "breakdown," as the incident was widely portrayed in the media. Rather, Reidy claims it was an "assignment" from the heavens, and that this was the fourth time in her life she's been "carried along by the Holy Spirit" in this way.

"We believe with all our hearts that what took place that night was God speaking through Diane, bringing forth the word of correction to our government, and hopefully before He brings his judgment on our country," Dan says in the video.

While the House voted in October to end the government shutdown, Reidy rushed to the dais and launched into a tirade that included phrases like "God will not be mocked," and "You cannot serve two masters."

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