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'Thunder From Down Under' dancers lay the smackdown on gunman
Screenshot/Excalibur Hotel
Screenshot/Excalibur Hotel

An armed robber's pistol is no match for this gun show.

A man dressed like a member of Las Vegas' beefy male dance crew "Thunder from Down Under" reportedly sneaked backstage and pulled a gun on the real dancers, who quickly tackled the robber to the ground.

Las Vegas police say the suspect entered the performers' locker room and stole pieces of the troupe's uniforms. When the dancers noticed that their skimpy clothes were missing, they approached the man, who allegedly whipped out a handgun and fired a shot. The bullet hit the wall, and the group of six took matters into their own hands by tackling him and holding him until security arrived.

Police report the man identified himself as Michael Maharas, but cops couldn't verify that was his name. He was transported to the hospital, and had to be sedated because he was still acting belligerently. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports the man was under influence of methamphetamine when he was arrested. He now faces a lengthy list of charges, including attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, and burglary with a deadly weapon.

- - Jordan Valinsky
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