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Survey confirms that tons of customers still hate Comcast, Time Warner
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It's not exactly a surprise that Comcast and Time Warner Cable rank poorly in terms of customer satisfaction, but maybe this survey will help you find solace next time you're sitting on hold for an hour. Consumers Union, an organization that is trying to block the two companies' mega-merger, released a survey today revealing that the top two largest cable companies need to work on their people skills.

Consumers Union, the parent company of Consumer Reports magazine, ranked 17 cable companies for overall customer satisfaction, and both cable giants both fared dismally: Comcast landed at 15th place, while Time Warner Cable came in at 16th place. They both received a failing score of a 58 out of 100. A Comcast spokesperson admitted to Variety that the company still has areas where improvement is needed, but added that "these stats show that our continued investments to transform the customer experience are having an impact and we are making progress."

It's unclear if one of those investments is hiking your monthly bill.

- - Jordan Valinsky
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