• Foreign affairs    March 25 
BuzzFeed's Rosie Gray on the 'neocon conspiracy' allegations

When BuzzFeed's Rosie Gray published a behind-the-scenes look at Russia Today, she probably had no idea the kind of negative pushback it would receive. After all, it's not every day you're accused of being part of a cabal of "Cold War-hungry neocons" who stage managed the resignation of a news anchor.

Until now, Gray has mostly laughed off the criticism, mocking it on Twitter. But today, for the first time, she spoke with me on the record about the accusations, dismissing them as "absurd."

"The idea that this was some kind of 'neocon' conspiracy is just ridiculous," she said. "So no, I mean, there was no conspiracy to get [former RT anchor] Liz Wahl to resign — and then to... plant a story with me..."

You can listen to our full conversation here.

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