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Ohio substitute teacher falls for a Nigerian scam, asks students to bail him out

An Ohio substitute teacher has been banned from working at most Butler and Warren County schools after he allegedly asked his pupils for help getting rid of a very specific debt.

According to WCPO Cincinnati, substitute teacher Jay Deutsch told students at Fairfield Middle School that he was caught up in a "Nigerian phone scam" and needed them each to give him $100. Because everyone knows, if you're looking for big bucks, it's most likely in the saggy pants pocket of a seventh grader.

When he wasn't begging children for money, Deutsch also allegedly told a female student "in a creepy way" that she was beautiful.

After students complained about Deutsch to a teacher, she listened in on his next class and found his comments odd. Administrators were notified, and Deutsch was asked to leave the school. Parents did not hear about the incident until a student's father asked for more information; Principal Kristilynn Turney defended the decision to keep things quiet, writing, "While we agree that this situation was extreme, we did not feel it warranted a mass communication because it only affected a very small population of students on the team." --Catherine Garcia

Watch WCPO's report:

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