• Noted    March 28 
This lime shortage is going to put a real squeeze on your margarita intake

Watch out, because your margaritas and guac are about to get more expensive.

Regional violence, drought, and disease in Mexico have caused the price of limes to double within the last year, creating a shortage in America. The price for a case of limes, which usually ranges from $4 to $25, recently shot up to around $100, so mojito lovers and salsa eaters here might soon feel the pinch as restaurants pass off the price.

Not only is bad weather damaging the fruit, but the lime's climbing price is making the crop a target for thieves, with dangerous drug cartels even selling limes on the black market.

As a result, some restaurants are using lemons as an alternative, while others are even adding a lime surcharge. Experts say the price of limes will continue to be high until a new harvest begins in May.

- - Jordan Valinsky
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