• $$$$$    March 31 
Frozen enters the record books as highest-grossing animated film of all time

Sorry, Woody: With $1.072 billion earned worldwide, Frozen is the new top-grossing animated film of all time, eclipsing previous box-office title holder Toy Story 3's $1.063 billion. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Frozen has taken in $398.4 million at U.S. movie theaters and $674 million internationally.

More than four months after its release in the United States, Frozen was able to clinch the title thanks to the $50.5 million it has pulled in so far in Japan, the movie's final market. In addition to being history's highest-earning animated film, Frozen is now also No. 10 on the list of biggest global blockbusters, and the first movie from Disney Animation Studios to make over $1 billion at the box office. Which flick could Frozen surpass next? The Dark Knight Rises, which earned $1.084 worldwide. --Catherine Garcia

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